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Welcome to the TAPAS Workshops community project page!

This is a public, shared project space for instructors and participants of TEI workshops to upload sample TEI data, collaborate in workshop settings, and test-drive TAPAS . Learn more about this initiative of TAPAS here.

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If you are not yet registered as a Partnering Instructor with TAPAS Workshops, learn more about features and services of this program here.

For already registered Instructors, you will find your workshop's dedicated collection in the Collections grid at right. If you haven't created your workshop's collection yet, please do so now:

1. Log into your TAPAS Account
2. Join this project by selecting "Request membership" at bottom of this page
3. Create a new "Collection" under "My Collections" (or from this project's homepage)
4. Associate your new collection to TEI Workshops Community Project

*note: in lieu of, or in addition to, your dedicated workshop collection, feel free to use the "Test Files" collection for temporary storage and viewing of your TEI.


To join your workshop's collection, please register for a TAPAS account here. Then, return to this page and select "Request group membership." Once you have joined, your instructor can add you as a member on her/his workshop collection.

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