The Devonshire MS

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The Devonshire Manuscript is a verse miscellany compiled by Anne Boleyn and members of her court 1530s and early 1540s. The Devonshire Manuscript was maintained as an “informal volume” or “courtly anthology,” most likely circulated amongst a coterie of friends for private use. This small paper volume, bound in quarto, retains its original London binding—an embossed leather capstan design—which dates its production between 1525 and 1559. This project is supported by INKE is a large-scale interdisciplinary project to study the future of books and reading, supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as well as contributions from participating universities and partners. It brings together activities associated with book history and textual scholarship; user experience studies; interface design; and prototyping of digital reading environments. Ray Siemens is INKE’s principal investigator. INKE’s Modelling and Protoyping team, of which the DMS is a part (alongside other projects that do everything from automatic indexing, bibliographic gamification, corpus visualization), is lead by Jon Bath (USask) and Jon Saklofske (Acadia).
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