TAPAS Advisory Board Welcome!

TAPAS is happy to report that Anne Baillot will be joining the TAPAS advisory board as an elected member in January. We would also like to offer our thanks to members who will be leaving our board this January. Thank you Karen Bourrier, Mark Caprio, Anna Kijas, Caitlin Pollock, and Judith Siefring for your generous service on this group. We’re really grateful for your contribution and advice! The advisory board now includes:

  • Anne Baillot (Le Mans Université) [elected member through fall 2021]
  • James Cummings, Oxford University [TEI Council representative]
  • Julia Flanders, Northeastern University [TAPAS co-director]
  • Scott Hamlin, Stonehill College [TAPAS co-director]
  • Laurent Romary, INRIA [coopted member, representing DARIAH]
  • John Russell, Pennsylvania State University [elected member through fall 2019]
  • Magdalena Turska, [elected member through fall 2019 and liaison for TEI Processing]
  • John Unsworth, University of Virginia [TEI Treasurer, ex officio]
  • Patrick Yott, Northeastern University [TAPAS host representative]
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