Inaugural TAPAS Workshop! 2014 TEI Conference, Northwestern University (Saturday, October 25)

The TAPAS project team is excited to announce an inaugural TAPAS workshop to be held on October 25, 2014 immediately following this year’s TEI conference at Northwestern University (October 22-24). This one-day workshop, led by Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders, will introduce participants to the full range of TAPAS services, including archiving and sharing TEI files through the TAPAS commons, experimenting with TEI data through integrated TAPAS data transformation tools, and composing complex TEI projects and collections for publication on the TAPAS site. Conversations and hands-on activities will also focus on topics in metadata, TEI validation and troubleshooting, and incorporating TAPAS into TEI project workflows. This workshop will be a unique opportunity for current, new, and interested users both to learn about the services of TAPAS as well as to get involved in the TAPAS community. A basic knowledge of TEI will be assumed, though both TEI members and non-members alike are welcome to participate in the workshop. If you would like to attend this free, one day workshop on TAPAS, please send an email to, with the subject line: Register | October 2014 TAPAS Workshop. Please be sure to include your full name and institutional affiliation if applicable. We are in the process of designing a TAPAS workshop series to follow. These workshop sessions will guide new and existing TAPAS project teams in TEI project development, large scale data management, and advanced and beginning level use of related XML tools and TEI data experimentation technologies. We are also currently organizing a working group to help expand the functionality of TAPAS for teachers using TEI in the classroom, and foresee a community need for workshops focused on TEI Pedagogy. We are very interested in hearing from you about how the TAPAS service and workshop series might better facilitate TEI project design, development, preservation, and publication. If you are from, or know of, an institution interested in hosting a TAPAS workshop, please contact us at, with the subject line: Info | TAPAS Workshops.
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